Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the International Society of the Study of Trophoblastic Diseases (ISSTD) and the Dutch Working Party on Trophoblastic Disease, we like to welcome you to the XIX Biannual World Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 21-24, 2017. This is the first combined meeting of the ISSTD and the European organization for the Treatment of Trophoblastic Disease (EOTTD).

We were looking forward to a meeting in the beautiful city of Istanbul but unfortunately due to unfavorable political circumstances, we have to postpone this to a future opportunity. We are very pleased with the active contribution of our Turkish colleagues to this conference in Amsterdam. Although we can offer less sun and less oriental food, we still hope you will enjoy this conference. We did our best to organize an interesting and varied four day conference in the city centre of  Amsterdam. This Congress is a unique platform for dedicated clinicians and scientists to present their work which provides valuable insights into the mechanisms and management of gestational trophoblastic diseases, to ultimately improve the clinical outcome of women with gestational trophoblastic disease. 

We will start with a fantastic and humoristic opening ceremony in the Boom Chicago Theatre on Thursday September 21, where attendees will hear two special talks followed by a spectacular show. This meeting will be integrated with the workshops for members of the European organization for the Treatment of Trophoblastic Disease (EOTTD). The meeting will be preceded by an EOTTD  working party session in the morning of Thursday September 21. On Friday, September 22nd, we have put together an educational program in conjunction with the Turkish Working Party on Trophoblastic Disease highlighting expert international speakers and case discussions. Friday afternoon, the Dutch Gynecologic Oncology Working Party,  Werkgroep Gynaecologische Oncologie/WOG, will organize and chair a session on molar pregnancies.

On Saturday, the EOTTD will present in a plenary session, its achievements since the start of EOTTD and we will finish the day early to enjoy some of what Amsterdam has to offer including a historic and architectural boat tour through the famous canals, followed by dinner at the beautifull Koepelkerk. On Sunday, we will provide a lively program on high risk GTN and rare tumors like ETT and PSTT. 

We are looking forward to greeting all of our trophoblast friends and meeting new colleagues who are interested in gestational trophoblastic diseases.

Yours sincerely,

The Local ISSTD Congress Organizing Committee,

Dr. Christianne Lok
Dr. Leon Massuger
Dr. Nienke van Trommel
Dr. Anneke Westermann